About Our Aquatic Exercise Programs

Check out some of the innovative aqua classes we’ll be offering!  Buy individual classes or buy a pack to save more… and members save an additional 20%!

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You think working out on land is hard, try doing it on a floating platform!!  Get yourself in shape FAST with this core-intensive workout.  Regular workout clothes recommended… that probably won’t get wet, but could!!

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No matter your skill level, you’ll love our new Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga class. Not only do you get the workout and relaxation of traditional yoga, you will be strengthen your core and improve balance throughout. Nothing helps you refine your balance like practicing on a floating platform!

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Aqua Arthritis and Balance

Program Description: This class is specially designed for the needs of individuals with Arthritis. The class takes advantage of the natural benefits of aquatic exercise to reverse the daily pounding and impact on your joints.  Gentle movements focus on improving your range of motion and balance all within the rejuvenating comfort of the water.

Classes coming this Fall!

 Aqua Aerobics

A fun and energizing class for active adults and seniors. Exercises use the water’s resistance to strengthen and tone your body from head to toe. Aqua Aerobics is a fun and safe way to improve muscle strength, flexibility, and balance without impact on your joints or risk of injury.

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