Adult Programming

NLAC is not just for the kids! Check out all of our programs designed with those who are18 years and older in mind!

Swim Jog

Increase your cardiovascular health with less stress on your muscles and joints! Moving through the resistance of water help strengthen your body, while the buoyancy of the water lightens the recovery time needed after a hard workout.

Join our new NLAC Fitness Swim Jog classes to sharpen your body for summer!  Get valuable instruction from one of the area’s leading masters swimming and triathlon coaches, Deb Kassekert.  

$10 per class

Classes are limited to 10 participants each day! Hurry! Reserve your spot today!

Thursdays 7:30am – 8:30am

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Aqua Fit

Join us for this aerobic workout in the shallow water to include walking, light jogging & upper body exercise to develop & improve fitness. Water shoes are optional. Debbie Kassekert instructor.

NL Aquatic Center Lesson Pool

Tuesdays 11:00am – 12:00pm

$10 per class

Classes are limited to 10 participants each day! Hurry!  Reserve your spot today!

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Masters Swim Team

Swimmers 18 & over, looking to swim in a setting that is challenging and FUN!  Whether you’re a triathlete, competitive Masters’s swimmer or you’re just looking for a good swim workout with like-minded individuals, our Master’s program is for you!  Training with partners helps to increase motivation and make workouts more valuable and FUN!

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Masters Fit Tech

Fit Tech is designed for casual recreational swimmers who desire to add some variety and new skills to their swim routine with the goal of improving their existing stroke and enjoy the added benefits of aerobic conditioning and avoidance of repetitive motion injury.  If you feel intimidated by the more competitive focused training groups. Come enjoy the camaraderie of like-minded swimmers for a gentle, workout that emphasizes technique and limitless fun for overall aerobic wellness!

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