Aquatic Exercise Programs

Check out some of the innovative aqua classes we’ll be offering!  Buy individual classes or buy a pack to save more… members save an additional 20%!

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Paddleboard Bootcamp

You think working out on land is hard, try doing it on a floating platform!!  Get yourself in shape FAST with this core-intensive workout.  Regular workout clothes recommended… that probably won’t get wet, but could!!

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Mobility Class

Program Description: Ideal for individuals with arthritis, diabetes, and chronic pain.  This class uses the fall friendly aquatic environment to strengthen muscles, improve balance, and enhance cognitive abilities.  PLUS, everyone knows that water exercise is a safe way to GET MOVING!!

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 Aqua Aerobics

A fun and energizing class for active adults and seniors. Exercises use the water’s resistance to strengthen and tone your body from head to toe. Aqua Aerobics is a fun and safe way to improve muscle strength, flexibility, and balance without impact on your joints or risk of injury.

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Aqua Therapy

Program Description: Post rehabilitation is a safe and effective way to continue to get you back to the things you love after rehab has ended!  The aquatic environment reduces pain and swelling, and increases range of motion and strength, all while alleviating stress on joints and increasing stability.

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Aqua Stretch

Program Description: A one-on-one, assisted stretching and myofacial release technique.  Benefits include restoring mobility and decreasing muscle soreness/tension in order to increase training efficiency and sports performance PLUS increase relaxation and enhance general well-being!

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