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SJAC Swim School

SJAC Swim School has been providing swimming lessons at the NL Aquatic Center for children as young as 6 months and adults of any age since 2016. The program has grown to over 650 swimmers.

Small Group and Private lessons are available to teach swimmers of all ages and abilities how to confidently swim, achieve their goals, build character, and develop a lifelong love of swimming and water, in a fun, safe, and innovative environment. 6 Levels along with Junior Team and Fit-Tech options allow for growth & provide a team setting, with up to 3 practices a week to prepare you for SJAC, Summer or High School Teams or to develop a strong foundation for fitness.


Why We’re Different
  • New State-of-the-Art Swimming Facility consisting of a 3 lane 20-yard Lesson Pool kept at 87 degrees, a 12 lane 25-yard Competitive/Lap Pool and a SwimEx Therapy Pool.
  • Ability for Growth. You may be learning to swim for water safety, fitness, improving technique, making a swim team, or becoming an elite swimmer, facilities and programming for every age and ability will provide you all you need to achieve your goals. Start with us…Grow with us!
  • Seasoned Reliable Instructors passionate and dedicated to encouraging and inspiring swimmers to reach their goals
  • Commitment to Innovative Techniques. It may be using mirrors, treasure boxes, underwater cameras or music, etc., we’re always looking for new and exciting tools to reach our swimmers.
  • Promise to be More than Swimming. It’s not only about being excellent at teaching practical swimming skills, but having Fun, Building Relationships and teaching important Core Values.
Group Lessons
  • Sessions typically last 7-8 weeks but may vary.
  • Standard offers 1 lesson per week Accelerated (summer only) offers 4 lessons per week.
  • 6 different levels offer every ability plenty of opportunity for progression (see descriptions below)
  • Class sizes are small and cost is very affordable
Private Lessons
  • Available for swimmers wanting more individualized attention.
  • Instructors are available for learn-to-swim kids (age 2 ½  & up), adults (any age) and competitive athletes.
  • A typical Session lasts 6 weeks and has 1 – 30-minute lesson per week. Customization is available and 20 min lessons for young swimmers. Costs vary depending on instructor and lesson day/time.
  •   Junior Team
  •   FitTech
  •   Home School Team

Please contact Tim Holcroft at or (856) 335-3007.

How to Register for Lessons

  1. All new swimmers with the exception of water babies MUST have an evaluation before registering for swim lessons. This helps us to place your swimmer with the best possible match, which will in turn provide the best possible results! To schedule an evaluation, please contact Tim Holcroft at or (856) 335-3007.

  2. After your child’s evaluation, the instructor will recommend which level lesson to register your child. Please see FAQ section below to learn more about the evaluation.

  3. Sign up for an NL Aquatic Center Family Membership or an Annual Family Registration Fee. To participate in the SJAC Swim School, families are required to maintain an NL Aquatic Center Family Membership or pay an Annual Family Registration Fee.

          – Access to lessons only 

          – Access to open, lap & family swims to practice your new skills, fitness or just fun

          – 5-10% off Lessons; 10% if you have another swimmer on the SJAC Swim Team

          – 20% off Group Aquatic Exercise

          – 3-month commitment 

Memberships are month-to-month (3 month minimum) unless you cancel your membership. If you are no longer a part of the Swim School and would like to cancel your pool membership please send an email to We will not accept verbal commitments to cancel pool memberships. Please note that membership cancellation will take 30 days. 

4. Visit the registration page on our Team Unify SJAC website to review lesson availability and register: Reminder- Please complete Steps 1-3 above before registering! 

5. Welcome to the SJAC Swim School family!

Questions? Please contact Tim Holcroft at or (856) 335-3007.

Lesson Level Descriptions, Ratio, Cost (Summer Session & Accelerated Lessons)

Session length and price subject to change. Download a printable pdf flyer.

Junior Team & Fit-Tech

Our Junior Team is designed to focus on technique, endurance, team building, core strength, and fun.  The team has younger and  (6-8 yrs) and older (8-10 yrs) groups.  Exceptions are made at times for younger or slightly older swimmers.  There are no swim meets, but we allow swimmers to attend USA Swimming meets if the coaches and parents agree they are ready.  The Junior Team is a perfect pre-step to the SJAC Swim Team.

Younger group swimmers are required to have decent endurance, a strong freestyle, and backstroke, but may not be fully legal in breaststroke or butterfly or their starts and turns. 

Older Group swimmers are required to have good endurance, and be legal in all strokes, but may not be legal with their starts or turns.

FitTech is designed for swimmers age 11-14 who want to improve their technique and fitness but are not looking for competition. Ideally, we would like swimmers to be legal in all strokes, but if they’re not, we will determine if they are ready during the evaluation.

RATIO: Junior Team 10:1, Fit Tech 15:1
PRICE: Junior Team $250, Fit Tech $250
PRACTICE: Junior Team 3-1hr/wk., Fit Tech 3-1hr/wk.

Water Babies

This class is a fun introduction to the water to gain comfortability and confidence while enhancing the bond between parent and child. Our program is designed for swimmers ranging from 6 months to 3 years of age. Parents will be in the water with their swimmers. In this class, both parent and child will learn about basic water safety, enjoy interactive activities learned through song and play, have exposure to light submersion, and gain comfortability along with confidence in and around the water.

RATIO: 10:1  
PRICE: $150
LESSONS: 7-30 Min

Level 1

Designed for the beginner swimmer to become more comfortable and confident in the water without assistance. Our focus is on learning basic water safety and proper breath control, kicking, paddling, and body position all in a social setting.

Your swimmer(s) will gain control over and enhance their motor skills. They will become more independent as they gain confidence with their newfound abilities, and ultimately develop a lifelong love of the water.

RATIO: 3:1    
PRICE: $162.50
LESSONS: 7-30 Min

Level 2

In Level 2, swimmers have achieved comfortability in the water, and the focus is on the fundamentals of backstroke, freestyle, body rotation, diving, treading water, and retrieving objects from the bottom of the pool independently.

Level 2 is a big step in instilling confidence and building strength in our swimmers.

RATIO: 3:1   
PRICE: $162.50
LESSONS:7-30 Min

Level 3

In Level 3 we will build on the skills our swimmers have mastered in Level 2. Our main focus will be refining Freestyle with rotary breathing,  refining Backstroke, endurance, treading water, standing dives, along with an introduction to the basic fundamentals of Breaststroke.

RATIO:  4:1
PRICE: $162.50
LESSONS: 7-30 Min

Level 4

In Level 4, we will be refining freestyle and backstroke, building strength by improving endurance and treading longer, and learning standing dives, while being introduced to the fundamentals of breaststroke and vertical kicking. Level 4 is a challenge for many swimmers as they improve endurance while starting to learn backstroke. 

RATIO: 4:1  
PRICE: $162.50
LESSONS:7-30 Min

Level 5

Level 5 is our most advanced learn to swim class. Our main focus is on endurance and technique. Swimmers will review and refine freestyle, backstroke, and breaststroke and be introduced to the fundamentals of butterfly while learning pool etiquette and team skills. If you are interested in the Junior Team, now is the time to check with your Coach to see if your swimmer is ready!

RATIO:  4:1
PRICE:  $162.50
LESSONS: 7-45 Min

Level 6

In level 6 your swimmer(s) will become proficient in all four strokes. In a team-like environment, we will continue to build endurance while improving their technique. Swimmers will be introduced to the pace clock, flip & open turns the 100-yard Individual Medley, along with swimming terminology. This is the final step before becoming eligible to join SJAC’s Swim Team!

RATIO:   5:1
PRICE:  $220
LESSONS: 7-30 Min

Special Needs

Our Special Needs comprehensive program is designed to lead aquatic special needs in the region.  Swimmers advance their abilities while building self-esteem, social skills, and aerobic fitness.  They improve flexibility, coordination, and range of motion while strengthening and toning muscles, improving spatial awareness and gross motor coordination /control. Water Safety is a focus. Special Olympic preparation and team.          

RATIO: Varies
PRICE: Varies   

Private Lessons

Our Private Lessons are customized to meet your needs.  If that’s learning to swim, regardless of age, refining technique for any level, aerobic conditioning, or special needs, give us a call to discuss options. The 20-minute package is ideal for young kids too advanced for Water Babies, but not ready for a Level 1 group setting.  Prices vary by instructor & day/time.

RATIO: 1:1
PRICE: $160
LESSONS: 6-20 Min

RATIO: 1:1
PRICE: $250
LESSONS: 6-30 Min

RATIO: 1:1
PRICE: $300
LESSONS: 6-45 Min

Accerlated Lessons

Accelerated lessons are currently only offered during the Summer. They will be offered for Levels 1-6. NOT for water babies. Swimmers can complete a full 8-week session in two weeks! Make-up lessons are offered for accelerated sessions

RATIO: 3:1    
PRICE: $162.50
LESSONS: 7-30 Min

Questions? Please contact Tim Holcroft at or (856) 335-3007.

What will your child need for the evaluation?

  • Please show up 5-10 minutes early and have your swimmer in his or her swimsuit prior to arrival.
  • Please bring a towel and goggles with you!
  • Evaluations are short and sweet! We will have an instructor with you promptly and the evaluation will take about 5 minutes.
  • Your instructor will then recommend which level to enroll your swimmer in. This helps us to place your swimmer with the best possible match, which will in turn provide the best possible results!
  • Please feel free to change in our locker rooms after your evaluation.




Questions? Please contact Tim Holcroft at or (856) 335-3007.

What will your child need for lessons?

  • All classes will begin on time, please do your best to arrive 5-10 min before your scheduled time!
  • It is preferable to have your swimmer in their suit prior to arrival.
  • All you need is a towel, goggles, and possibly a hair tie if your swimmer has longer hair.
  • Forgot your goggles? That’s okay, feel free to visit our Pro Shop!
  • For our Level 4, Level 5 & Level 6 swimmers, we do recommend a swim cap to keep hair out of the eyes and face, and a sturdy one piece suit for young ladies.
  • For our Water Babies swimmers, make sure you have a swim diaper, towels and goggles are optional.
  • Please feel free to change in our locker rooms after your lesson.




Questions? Please contact Tim Holcroft at or (856) 335-3007.