Swim Smart at NL Aquatic Center
Analyze. Optimize. Realize.

Experience a better way to achieve results.  Featuring adjustable swim current and underwater cameras, our Swim Ex 600T model therapy pool offers unlimited training potential. Swim Smart offers stroke evaluation and lessons to help athletes reach their full potential.

Swim Smart Starts and Turns

30 minute Start & Turn Lessons now available! Start, Turns, and Break outs are analyzed in and out of the water Video link and analysis emailed to parents and coaches. Available in single sessions and packages.

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Swim Smart Stroke Evaluation

Four 30 minute evaluations (includes assessments of all 4 strokes) strategically placed throughout the season to track and maintain progress. Underwater Video capture link emailed to parents and coaches. Prescription sheet includes diagnostics and recommended drill prescription for each stroke.

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Swim Smart Lessons

Stroke and technique training tailored to meet the needs of individual swimmer. Underwater Video Capture and Side-by-Side Analysis to track and study progress. Prescription sheet shared with swimmer, coaches and parents in order to help to instill proper technique within practice. Available in single sessions and packages.

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Swim Smart Athlete Longevity

Prevent, maintain and recover from common swim injuries. Strengthen muscle groups around problem areas through aquatic therapy and increase range of motion through myofacial release. Correct stroke issues that lead to injury and improve stroke mechanics for an all around healthier swimmer. Ideal for shoulders, backs, knees, hips and more.

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