Swim Smart at NL Aquatic Center
Analyze. Optimize. Realize.

Experience a better way to achieve results.  Featuring adjustable swim current and underwater cameras, our Swim Ex 600T model therapy pool offers unlimited training potential. Swim Smart offers stroke evaluation and lessons to help athletes reach their full potential.

Swim Smart Starts and Turns Clinics 

Races can be won or lost by the quality of your starts and turns. Join SwimSmart’s Start and Turn Clinics with Coach Chris Howie and learn how to get more speed, power, and efficiency in these two crucial aspects of your race.

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Swim SmartOne-To-One Coaching

The Swim Smart Personal Coaching Program gives swimmers of all levels the chance to work one-on-one with a highly skilled and experienced competitive swim coach.  Your coach will discuss and review any concerns you have regarding your performance and will provide analysis and solutions that will help you achieve your peak performance. Sessions may include the above and/or underwater video review, along with a plan of action to maintain performance.

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